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The Preamble, almost as good as Schoolhouse Rock

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(HD) A More Perfect Union from Andrew Sloat on Vimeo.

Physics Teacher Fired for Insisting on Academics

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Democracy Project tells the story of veteran physics teacher Larry Neace, who was fired from his job. His crime? He enforced a decade-old policy of penalizing students for wasting time in class. He had a student that slept in class during a class assignment, so he halved the grade on the assignment as he promised to do at the beginning of the year.
The problem was that the student was a star football player at the school. The school asked him to undo the markdown of the grade, and he refused. They fired him. Read on for more of the story. Michelle Malkin is also on the case.

Handcuffing Kids in School?


You know what? When I was a kid, you NEVER saw a kid being hauled out of school by the police. You wouldn’t see a kid in handcuffs. When I was a kid, and one of us gave the teachers trouble, we got a paddling. I’ll never forget Mr. Nulph’s paddle, a large thick hunk of wood with a hole in the middle and duct-tape around the handle. That thing was effective, and so was the discipline in the school.
Now, the schools can’t administer corporal punishment, and the kids know it. The kids know they can act up with impunity, and the worst punishment they’re likely to receive is being able to take a few days off from school.
Don’t bemoan the arrest of a 5 year old, because she was handcuffed. Bemoan the arrest of that 5 year old because she should have gotten a whipping, and didn’t.

Schools Taking Control of Explicit Songs at Prom

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Schools have finally figured out how to control obscene music at school dances. They simply withhold payment from DJs that play songs with explicit lyrics.
”We can’t be the music police, but I tell the DJs, ‘I’m an old lady, and I’m standing over there in the corner. Don’t make an old lady walk across the floor on you,’ ” Tucker-Underwood said. ”If you see me coming, you know something’s up.”

Pre-Kindergarten – Worse Than Nothing?

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North Carolina is one of the pioneer states in Pre-K education. Every time a budget is proposed to solve a budget crisis, cuts happen nearly everywhere while Pre-K programs see increases in their budget. Outside of the basic fiscal irresponsibility of this decision, it may have adverse effects in the future of the children who go through those programs. Marginal Revolution tells of about a study on the matter.
“…early education does increase reading and mathematics skills at school entry, but it also boosts children’s classroom behavioral problems and reduces their self-control. Further, for most children the positive effects of pre-kindergarten on skills largely dissipate by the spring of first grade, although the negative behavioral effects continue.”
Here is a link to the full study
In other words, programs such as “Smart Start” and “Head Start” might not be so smart. The “head start” given to the kids in academics simply go away. If this is true, then the money spent on these programs is merely wasted. On the other hand, these kids seem to get a “head start” on behavioral problems in class. This doesn’t seem very smart either.
Of course, we know what the liberals will say in response to this. Spend more money on the programs that are failing. Nothing excites a Democrat like failure, ya know.
Folks, I’ll put it very simply. Your child’s education is too important to trust to the government.

Is Schools Learning Kids Good?

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You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Wayne Brightly, a Bronx public school teacher who repeatedly flunked his state certification test finally passed it. The problem is, he hired someone else to take the test for him in order to pass. Brightly hired Rubin Leitner, a formerly homeless and developmentally disabled man to take the test for him. Pay for the job? Two bucks. Leitner suffers from Aspberger’s Syndrome, and is apparently brighter than Brightly. They also look a bit different. Leitner weighs more, wears glasses, and is white. Brightly is black. Apparently, Brightly didn’t think anyone would notice. They did, and he’s been charged with coercion, falsifying business records and other crimes. He’s also out of the classroom. Hat tip to Interested Participant.

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