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Video – Daddy’s Home from Iraq

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Advice for President-Elect Obama: International Policy

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As the latest in my ongoing series of posts advising President-Elect Obama, I’d like to approach international issues.  This may be a moot point, since Obama already has many international ties.  Regardless, I’ll try to hit some high points.

I won’t bother with advising on interactions with the palestinians, since Obama has ties to the palestinians; already. Likewise, he seems to have good ties with Kenya. Heck, some think Obama was born in Kenya, including his own grandmother who says she was in the hospital at the time.

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Military Applications of Silly String

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Hat tip to Geek Press for this interesting story. Alejandro Hernandez, during his stay in Iraq, found an interesting use for Silly String. When entering a building, this wonderful toy of children, teenagers, and drunk college students turns into a tripwire detection tool. He sprayed it across the room, and a tripwire could be detected because the foam string would lightly rest on the wire. Pictures of the Silly String in action are at this link.
Donations of Silly String are requested for Hernandez’s brother, currently performing similar duties in Iraq.
SGT Dennis Hernandez
HHC 2/502 Inf
APO AE 09398

Great Tearjerker Video from Ford

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Ford has put together a great video as a thanks to the troops. I’d love to see a 60 second version of this ad playing in prime-time. Go over to Gateway Pundit to watch. Some might say that Ford is trying to capitalize on the war, but I beg to differ. Not once do I remember the Ford Mustang being mentioned by name in the video, and the Ford trademark was only used in the text at the end. The whole thing was very tastefully done. I almost cried, and I hardly ever cry when watchintg movies.
Well, there was Star Trek IV. I bawled my eyes out in that one.

Deployed Military Morale

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Our deployed military could have a bad morale, if they listened to the major media and liberals all the time. Instead of listening to back-home, military-hating, know-nothing, sandbox-pissing naysayers, they’re doing things like this.
Hat tip to Kitty Litter.

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