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Florida Self-Defense Advancement

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Florida has made another step forward for the law-abiding among us. Erasing the previous requirement that a person facing criminal force has a duty to retreat, Florida is changing the law to allow crime victims to face force with force. Florida has become a bellweather state for self-defense rights in recent years, and they’ve become a safer state because of it. Let’s hope this spreads.

Concealed Carry for Judges?

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Over at The Spoons Experience, comes a suggestion that Illinois allow Judges to carry concealed weapons. A good idea, for which he has caught a bit of flack.
“I’ve advocated concealed carry for Judges, Prosecutors, and Public Defenders, because right now, the public would understand the need. The goal, however, is to show complacent Illinoisans that concealed carry isn’t a danger.”
I, for one, think it is a GREAT idea. I’ve long advocated that we allow concealed carry in several specific situations. One of these is teachers. We should allow teachers who have a valid concealed carry permit to carry concealed firearms on school property. This way, should some insane murderous thug, bully or even student decide to shoot up the place, someone will be there to shoot up the nutcase. Columbine could not have occurred, if there had been ONE armed teacher around when the shooting began.
Likewise, we should allow concealed carry for other school employees, bank employees, bartenders and other citizens of the state of North Carolina who are barred by state law from carrying concealed firearms at work, even if they have a permit.

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