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Anti-Israel Protesters – I Don’t Get It. Yes I Do.

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A violent street gang, over the course of months, randomly fires bullets at houses in a populated residential area.  For months, the city asks politely for them to stop.  Over time, the mayor begins to suggest that the gang has gone too far.  Eventually, the police move in and strike at the leaders, and begin to return fire on gang members who are seen firing weapons into neighborhoods.  Local college students protest against the city and the police.

On the southern border of the United States, a paramilitary organization based in Mexico begins firing explosive projectiles into the southern areas of New Mexico and Arizona.  Some shells land in highly populated areas of Tuscon, killing more than a few civilians.  This goes on for months. The governments of the affected states and the United States tell them to stop.  Eventually, after thousands of shells have been fired, the US Military moves across the border and takes action against the group, killing their leaders and anyone found operating the weapons in question.  Protesters across America come out to protest the US actions against the killers.
To think that someone would protest against the city or the US for striking back in the above situations seems stupid on its face.    Why would anyone protest against those who are trying to stop the attacks on innocent civilians?
Hamas fired over 2600 explosive missiles from the Gaza Strip into Israeli populated areas over the course of months.  Israel worked diplomatically to try to bring it to a halt, but with no effect.  Finally, they respond in kind, attacking the military leaders of Hamas responsible for the rocket fire.  If they find caches of rockets, smuggling routes for the rockets, or anyone firing a rocket, they move against them as well.  In response, protesters around the world are chanting anti-Israel slogans and calling for Israel to stop its actions.
If you try to think about the protests as being about what’s right and wrong, it will cause headaches.  Somehow, I think it’s more about the fact that it is Israel than about the actual situation.
This stuff has been going on for many years.  Israel has been asking its neighbors to be allowed to live in peace.  Hamas and its allies have been asking Israel to die.  I know which one I want to win.  If the protesters want peace, then they should be protesting Hamas, not Israel.
Do they really want peace?

Advice for President-Elect Obama: International Policy

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As the latest in my ongoing series of posts advising President-Elect Obama, I’d like to approach international issues.  This may be a moot point, since Obama already has many international ties.  Regardless, I’ll try to hit some high points.

I won’t bother with advising on interactions with the palestinians, since Obama has ties to the palestinians; already. Likewise, he seems to have good ties with Kenya. Heck, some think Obama was born in Kenya, including his own grandmother who says she was in the hospital at the time.

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“Peaceful” Muslim Attempts Murder at UNC


Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, took part in a peaceful practice of his faith on Friday by driving across the UNC campus in his SUV, running people over. The FBI has become involved in the case, as the suspect allegedly made statements concerning the United States’ treatment of muslims around the world. Presumably, he wasn’t talking about how we’ve come to the rescue of muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Indionesia, Iran, Turkey, and elsewhere.
This latest incident is yet another example of a muslim acting in the name of “peaceful islam” which calls for global islamic control under sharia law. This is the same “peaceful islam” which allows women in France who are seen in muslim areas without a male escort to be raped. This is the same “peaceful islam” which does not allow the free will or freedom for a person to choose their own faith, promising subjugation to non-muslims who agree to live as a second-class citizen and death to those who don’t, and death to any muslim who sees the light and becomes a non-muslim. This is the same “peaceful islam” that teaches that the jews are descendants of monkeys and pigs, and tells the lie that jews put muslim blood into pastries that are sold across Israel. This is the same “peaceful islam” that regularly murders people across the world, so regularly in fact that very few of the deaths actually make news in the United States anymore. This is the same “peaceful islam” that has proven itself more capable of killing muslims than any other group, nation, or faith that has ever existed.

Islamic Terrorism Isn’t About Iraq

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There are those who believe that what happened in London is about the Iraq war. They’re wrong. The Anchoress lays this out in detail, with photos. [Caution: Vivid]
Terrorism isn’t about Iraq. Iraq is about terrorism.

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