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Advice for President-Elect Obama – Make Promises; Lots of them

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As self-appointed advisor to President-Elect Obama, I am duty-bound to offer advice as I have it, on how to succeed in the office of president.  Since I’m not tied to any particular field of work, I don’t have to limit my advice to economic, international, or domestic issues.  Instead, I offer my advice for success of the man in the office itself.  Today’s advice: Promise something to someone every single day you can.

When I look back through history at Democrat Presidents, the greatest personal successes came from those who promised a lot.  Promises are an important tool in the Democrat arsenal, and one that you haven’t used to great effect so far.

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Advice for President-Elect Obama: Take Credit for Everything

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In my new role as advisor to President-Elect Barack Obama, it is my duty to provide the best advice I can.  The goal of this advice is to elevate the new President and the Democrat Party.  I really wish my advice could be for the betterment of the United States and their citicens, but too often those two goals are mutually exclusive.

Today’s advice is this.  Take credit for anything good that happens during your presidency.  Add to that the following corollary.  Give blame for anything bad to George Bush and the Republicans.

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