Now that we’re starting to get an idea of what President Obama’s economic knowledge is like, it’s starting to get a little worrisome. Taxpayer money is being thrown at hundreds of projects, like museums, sidewalks, libraries, and a trolley in Puerto Rico.  Pushes for more “green energy” projects will do more to raise energy costs, which tends to hurt the economy as that cost is reflected in the price of milk and bread.  Even Obama’s so-called tax cut is designed to cause hardship, as taxes aren’t being cut.  When your income tax withholding is reduced, but the actual tax rates are not adjusted, it isn’t a tax cut at all.  It’s a deferred payment, because you’ll either have to pay the money back in April 2010, or have your refund reduced.

So … is there a stimulus plan that could work?  Is there an idea that could put an immediate cash infusion into the American economy?  Could we, with one or two quick decisions, take action to put our economy on the fast-track again, while costing no more than the estimated one to three-and-a-half trillion dollars that Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress have allocated so far?


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