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You Should Read – “Why Liberals Hate Us”

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Great post over on Pink Elephant Pundit about Why Liberals Hate Conservatives. It’s a well-considered presentation of differences between left and right, and why the left is so often driven to hate-speech when speaking of conservatives. As a former liberal who decided hate wasn’t a good enough reason to choose a political stance, this post appealed to me. Good read. Head on over and check it out.

My Advice for President-Elect Barack Obama Pt. 1

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Now that Barack H. Obama, the only messiah to actually have H. as a middle initial, has won the election, he can assemble his transition team, staff, and advisors. Since I’m a firm believer that not all advice should be taken from people who believe exactly as you do, I am applying for a role as advisor to the future-president. With that in mind, I am offering a series of short pieces of advice in this blog.
**Part 1 – Middle-Class Tax Credit**
There are undoubtedly plenty of people in America who think you were serious about your tax-cut plan. That happens every presidential-election year, so it’s not surprising. Now, though, it’s time to start transitioning the promises into realities. Now it’s time to break your promises while making it look as if you really tried to keep them.

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