I’m not alone, I’m sure, in having a huge music collection. With iTunes and my iPod, this translates into a collection of thousands of tracks. Working with such a large collection is a horrible process without some organization. Early on, my wife pointed out the smart playlist option in iTunes, which made life much easier. My first iPod died after being purchased used, having a hard drive replacement, and a year of heavy use. Now I own an 80 Gig iPod Classic. When I upgraded to a new PC, I decided it was time to start over on my music organization in iTunes. This left me with thousands of tracks to work with, and a need to completely reorganize my music collection for more ease of use.

Those who heard me describe my organization style on my iPod always thought I was fairly hardcore in my way of working. Ratings, smart playlists, and genres were effectively used to give me access to what I want, when I wanted it. Still, with so many tracks, I found myself overwhelmed, and my iPod stuffed to the gills with tracks that I didn’t necessarily need with me every day. It was time to go further.

I hit Google, looking for clues from others. I wanted to see how others used the features in iTunes to manage their music, and how I could use those tricks myself. This post is an attempt to gather what I learned, and pass it along.

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